June 7, 2023

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Wooden Boat Care

Periodically timber ships belonging Fishermen in Rembang should didocking. Mendocking means the ship must be raised moorings to be examined, treated part of the hull which is often in the water. With the rise in the dock, part of the ship that had been submerged in water can be seen clearly when there is damage, immediately repaired. Parts of a ship in water of which the hull below the water line, bottom section, propeller and rudder. The parts is what will get special attention when the ship above the dock.

This examination only provides a general overview only, because the bottom of the water is usually still covered by moss, descaling, oysters, and other impurities. This examination to determine whether any part of the ship is deformed or leaking. Are anti-rust function properly? Is the paint is still good or already peeled? How big oysters attach themselves to the body kapa ;? That is the purpose maintenance of the ship.

Upon initial inspection after cleaning the hull. The Fishermen Rembang do this cleaning is generally done in several stages. The first hull in the scrap to dispose of the oysters attached. Scrap done manually by using tools made from iron plate whose edges are made flat. With this tool rubbed on the surface of the oyster-oyster boats that stick will fall out. Of course, not all of the oysters will be clean, smooth parts sometimes still attached. For the hard part should be rubbed repeatedly. After the oysters have been loose all, then washing with pressurized fresh water. Just for Fishermen Rembang, kerab times do not use pure fresh water. They make use of brackish water because of limited freshwater canal moorings.